·       Illinois Compass Page

·       Lat/Long Converter

·       Template for TSM352 Reports

·       Grading Scheme for Reports

·       Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

·       Illinois State Climatologist Data

·       Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency Information

·       NOAA Frequency Data for Illinois

·       Illinois Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM)

·       Water Footprint Calculator

·       Web Soil Survey

·       SoilWeb Add-in for Google Earth

·       Lat/Long to UTM Conversion

·       Van Genuchten Parameters

·       Illinois Drainage Guide

·       Illinois Available Soil Water Data

·       Illinois Drainage Law


Learning Outcomes Survey

Please bring storage media (USB drive, SD card) to the lab of Tuesdays

New invasive species

Writing Technical Reports

Nutrient Strategy

VB Functions

VB Program Control

Excel Tips